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Friday, November 24, 2017

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National minumum wage bill
24 November, 2017
Please find attached for your information a copy of the abovementioned Bill (along with a Memorandum on the... read more
What are the implications of the National Minimum Wage?
24 November, 2017
Agri SA
President Zuma tasked deputy-President Ramaphosa to initiate a so-called social dialogue to have... read more
Skills training programmes for unemployed youth to be expanded
17 November, 2017
Following a successful programme of training undereducated young people in the Southern Cape, the MTO... read more
International Newsview all
Half of hardwood chips traded in the Pacific Rim have been destined for China in the 1H/17
Pulpmills in China and Japan continue to rely on large volumes of imported hardwood wood chips from a... read more
Forest Initiatives Announced in Bonn Target Sustainable Management, Emissions Reductions
Among other forest-related announcements at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, stakeholders... read more
Gender balance shifting in B.C. forestry as more women enter industry
he gender balance has recently started to tip in British Columbia's forestry industry as more women occupy... read more
Papua New Guinea forestry sector at risk
PNG Forest Industries Association (PNGFIA) executive officer Bob Tate, has warned that the forestry... read more
Transportview all
Volvo Financial Services launches in South Africa
9 November, 2017
Engineering news
Volvo Financial Services (VFS), the global finance arm of the Volvo Group,... read more
UD Trucks showcases new lineup of heavy-duty trucks at 45th Tokyo Motor Show
1 November, 2017
At the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, UD Trucks showcased a lineup of all-new Quon and Quester... read more
Latest generation Hino 500 trucks being built at new Koga factory
1 November, 2017
The latest generation Hino 500 trucks are being built at Hino Motors' new Koga plant in Japan.... read more
Forest Engineeringview all
SEPPI M. MIDIFORST Drago Discharge Forestry Mulcher
16 November, 2017
The SEPPI M. MIDIFORST Drago Discharge Forestry Mulcher with collection... read more
Loggers in Sweden
10 November, 2017
Mossfeldts Skogstransporter is an interesting company. A father and son,... read more
Logset 12H GTE hybrid-electric harvester
25 October, 2017
Logset's new giant hybrid-electric harvester, the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid, is... read more
Value Addingview all
South African renewable energy developer gains AfDB support
24 November, 2017
renewable energy
eThala Management Services has secured $990,000 from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to... read more
'The temperature never goes below 19 degrees inside' - Why we're falling for wooden houses
23 November, 2017
Wooden houses
It's a crisp winter day in Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow, yet photographer Trevor Lee has the doors... read more
Unpacking the implications of the new waste regulations
21 November, 2017
Dolphin bay chemicals
New regulations governing the disposal of hazardous waste are now being implemented, with... read more
Environmentview all
Scientists dispute missing dryland forests
23 November, 2017
Dryland forests
Scientists are disputing the possibility that a significant portion of the world's forests have... read more
Police and Forestry clamped down on illegal wood choppers
23 November, 2017
National news
The North West Department of Forestry and police clamped down on illegal wood choppers in the... read more
New Project to Recognize Responsible Urban Forestry and Urban Wood Utilization
21 November, 2017
A new initiative to support increased urban wood utilization and community benefits has been... read more
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