Forestry in South Africa
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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2016 : November

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NZ's only forest butterfly faces extinction
1 December, 2016
The elegant native butterfly, the forest ringlet or Dodonidia helmsi, is on the brink of extinction, experts claim. Up until the 1970s, forest ringlet butterflies were found throughout New Zealand districts, ranges and regional parks. However, over the last few decades it has experienced a major decline in both numbers and distribution.  read more
Sirex research in South Africa and Japan in the spotlight at a FABI mini-symposium
30 November, 2016
A mini-symposium on 15 November showcased the diversity of research on the woodwasp  Sirex noctilio conducted at FABI by postgraduate students and staff, as well as collaborators from Japan. Drawing on the resources and capacity available at FABI, the symposium highlighted the need for a holistic approach... read more
Forest industry fears emerging forest disease
26 November, 2016
A disease which is devastating trees in the Western United States and Europe is a major threat to New Zealand plantations and ornamental trees, should it ever arrive here. The forest industry is concerned that even the suspicion that Phytophthora ramorum was present in New Zealand could have a major effect on log exports... read more
Ireland is losing its battle to save ash trees from killer fungus
26 November, 2016
A disease affecting ash trees is continuing to spread across the country, despite control efforts by landowners and the Department of Agriculture.Chalara or Ash Dieback disease is a disease of ash trees caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus and it has spread rapidly across Europe in recent years.. read more
One Simple Action, One Profound Impact
8 November, 2016
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - One simple action, one profound impact read more
Mountain Ash may disappear in 60 years
3 November, 2016
It may be harder to spot a mountain ash in parts of Australia's mountains or some species of mallee trees in the outback within 60 years as climate change causes the range of many species of eucalypts to shrink or even disappear entirely, new research suggests. Source: ABC News... read more
Back to the future for Tasmanian forests
3 November, 2016
Tasmania may rekindle its bitter forest wars by ending a moratorium on logging in 400,000ha of native forests protected under a 2012 peace deal. The Hodgman Liberal state government flagged that the moratorium, in place until April 2020, could be prematurely scrapped to meet logging contracts. read more
Climate impacts double number of forest fires
2 November, 2016
friday offcuts
Climate change has already doubled the number of forest fires in the Western US since the 1980s and it is a trend that will continue to increase, according to new research. The study says the rise in temperatures and aridity sucks the moisture out of the plants, trees, dead vegetation on the ground and the soil... read more
National Risk Assessment Update – South Africa
2 November, 2016
FSC International recently permitted the launch of the South African National Risk Assessment (NRA) process. The NRA Working Group is yet to be established and a proposal submitted to FSC International. The South African NRA Working Group will utilize and build upon FSC's Centralized National Risk Assessment... read more
South Africa FSC Standard development process on track, and attracts international acclaim and interest
2 November, 2016
A risk-based approach is being used to develop a national FSC standard customised to the local industry and sensitive to different grower contexts. The risk-based methodology developed by SDG-SA has received endorsement from the Policy and Standards Unit (PSU) of FSC. PSU has presented the South African risk-based... read more
Alpha-Cypermethrin, Cypermethrin and Deltamethrin in South Africa was approved by the FSC pesticides committee
2 November, 2016
This will allow the listed certificate holders to apply these chemicals in their management practices against insect pests of the Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Diptera families. The derogations have a list of provisions which will need to be implemented during the 3 year derogation period. These include the following... read more
The real heat of veldfires
1 November, 2016
South Africa has a rainfall climate of great variability. The SA Weather Service reports that between July 1960 and June 2004 there have been eight summer rainfall seasons where the total rainfall was 80% of the norm. A deficit of 25% is regarded as a severe meteorological drought. The average rainfall for 2015 was 400mm... read more